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Springfield Armory XDM Handguns

For over a decade, Springfield Armory has gained a reputation as a leading manufacturer and importer of handguns within the United States. One of the factors that contributed significantly to this achievement was the successful marketing of the Springfield XD, originally a Croatian pistol named the HS2000. Following the success of this model the company moved forward, producing several different versions of the XD as well as an upgraded version renamed the XDM. The Springfield Armory XDM combines the tried and tested pistol design and technology found in the XD with the latest innovations to provide an unparalleled experience. It is an amazing pistol that never fails to impress.

Springfield Armory XDM Handguns

The Springfield XDM is not just a revolutionary pistol; it is an evolution of a legendary pistol that has had a significant influence on the handgun-manufacturing industry. It is similar to the XD model in a number of ways; for example, its frame, manufactured from polymer. In short, it is a rather compact pistol that comes with an abundance of excellent features. Sporting the same natural grip angle as the XD which enables you to get a more comfortable grip when aiming, the gun is designed in such a way that it offers a direct view of a target when raised to eye level. Other XD features included in the XDM are the Ultra Safe Assurance Trigger System, grip safety, loaded chamber indicator and striker status indicator.

There are a number of important features that make the XDM a truly improved version of the XD. Several modifications were made to the design of the handgun in order to make it more ergonomic and easier to handle. The XDM has longer, deeper, serrations of a higher volume on its slide to enable a better grasp, as well as modified grip contours to facilitate firmer handling. The front of the grip features a mega-lock surface with immaculately calculated contours that can provide excellent control- vertically and horizontally. This grip surface does not only serve a great purpose, but it also gives the handgun a more rugged appearance.

The Springfield XDM is finished in melonite as opposed to the traditional black oxide finish and therefore, has a higher resistance against corrosion and scratches. It also comes with a match grade barrel to provide better accuracy, of which the creation of XDM’s match grade barrel requires precision technology that is unprecedented in today’s firearms industry. Additionally, the XDM features a trigger that possesses a shorter travel than other currently available polymer handguns. It’s equally short reset allows the user to maintain focus on a target with ease and make subsequent shots more accurately. The standard magazine capacity for the XDM 9mm is 13 rounds, but this can be increased to 19 rounds with a magazine extender. The XDM .40 can hold a maximum of 16 rounds.

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